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Who's it for
     Web Agencies
     IT Service Providers
     IT Departments
     Freelancers / Consultants

     Password management
     User management
     Export / Import
     More features


     Change log Updated
     How to install
     Install on Ubuntu with Apache
     Install on Ubuntu with NGINX
     Install on Windows with XAMPP
     Install using Vagrant / VirtualBox
     Troubleshooting Error 500
     Docker images
     How to create a Docker container
     How to install with Docker Compose
     How to use https with Docker
     Upgrading with Docker Updated
     How to backup a Docker installation
     List of available images Updated
     Maintenance Mode Updated
     How to upgrade Updated
     Reverse proxy configuration
     How to make a backup
     How to move to another server
     How to move and upgrade
     Configuring after installation
     User roles
     Permissions in passwords and projects
     Export and Import Passwords
     Import from KeePass
     Export to KeePass
     The Log Updated
     Email configuration
     Two-Factor Authentication
     Enable 2FA for a user
     IP Address Blocking
     Password generator
     Version checker
     Timeout and auto-logout
     Encrypt DB parameters
     Password Reset
     Remember Me
     LDAP Authentication
     LDAP Sync
     SAML SSO Authentication
     Configuring SAML for Google
     Configuring SAML for Azure AD
     Configuring SAML for Okta
     Configuring SAML for OneLogin
     Files in passwords and projects Updated
     Custom fields in passwords Updated
     Custom field templates Updated
     Password expiration
     Password locking
     External Sharing
     Linked Passwords
     Archived Passwords and Projects
     One-Time Passwords
     Advanced search operators Updated
     Custom branding
     Trash Bin
     Bulk Actions in Projects
     All the parameters in config.php Updated
     Chrome/Edge/Firefox Extensions Updated
     How languages work
     Language packs Updated
     My Passwords Updated
     Files Updated
     Passwords generator
     Change log
     How to check the MD5/SHA256 checksum
     Check your PHP system with phpinfo
     End User License Agreement (EULA)
     Accessibility Report (VPAT) Updated

     Suggest a feature

     What is Team Password Manager?
     Does my company need Team Password Manager?
     How does Team Password Manager compare to ... ?
     I need a personal password manager. Will Team Password Manager suit me?
     How can I convince my boss to buy Team Password Manager?
     What does it mean that Team Password Manager is a self hosted web app?
     Is there a SaaS (Software as a Service) version of Team Password Manager?
     I want to try Team Password Manager before buying a license, is it possible?
     What limitations does the Free version of Team Password Manager have?
     I need a feature that Team Password Manager doesn't have. Where can I suggest it?
     Is it possible to have the source code of Team Password Manager?
     Is Team Password Manager secure?
     How does encryption work in Team Password Manager?
     Does Team Password Manager support two-factor authentication (2FA)?
     Does Team Password Manager support LDAP authentication?
     How can I stop a cracker that wants to gain access by trying out thousands of email/password combinations?
     How are passwords organized in Team Password Manager?
     What data is stored in a password entry?
     How does password sharing work in Team Password Manager?
     Can Team Password Manager generate passwords?
     Can I import/export passwords to/from Team Password Manager?
     Can I upload files to Team Password Manager?
     What are the requirements to run Team Password Manager?
     Can I use nginx, Internet Information Server or other web servers to run Team Password Manager?
     Can I use SQL Server, Postgress, MongoDB or other database servers to store Team Password Manager data?
     What is Ioncube loader and why is it needed to run Team Password Manager?
     Can I install Team Password Manager on a shared hosting?
     Can I install Team Password Manager on a VPS or dedicated server?
     Can I install Team Password Manager on a server that's inside my company's firewall/router?
     Can I install Team Password Manager on a server behind a reverse proxy?
     Can I install Team Password Manager on my own personal computer?
     Do I need to enable HTTPS?
     I've installed Team Password Manager. Now what?
     How does the buying process work?
     What are named users?
     How do I apply the license data to Team Password Manager?
     What information does a license contain?
     Can I use a license on more than one installation of Team Password Manager?
     How many licenses can I use on a given installation of Team Password Manager?
     What do I do if I lose the information for the license(s) I purchased?
     Is a license permanent?
     What's the support and upgrades policy for Team Password Manager?
     What's the price for a support and updates license?
     What's the refund policy for Team Password Manager?
     What e-commerce platform does Team Password Manager use?
     Can I buy licenses for Team Password Manager through a Purchase Order?
     What's the End User License Agreement (EULA) for Team Password Manager?
     My organization is a non-profit/university/school/charity. Can we have a discount on Team Password Manager licenses?





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Blog posts

Browser Extension Update (5.22.22)

New release (12.160.277): enhancements to personal passwords and upgrades without maintenance mode

New release (12.154.276): bulk actions on passwords inside projects

New release (12.152.275): multi-URL support in the access field, show path of projects in lists, centralized email address for expiration notifications and more

New release (12.147.270): PHP 8.2 compatibility

New release (12.146.268): Remember me, custom menu items and several bug corrections

New release (12.143.260): Trash Bin

Docker Image Update for v. 11.141.247

Browser Extension Update (4.21.17)

Two patches for v. 11.141.247

New release (11.141.247): PHP 8 and more

Browser Extension Update (3.17.16)

New languages, updated installation tutorials, Docker and Vagrant

New release: 10.138.240

Four new documents for December 2021

Team Password Manager and the Log4j vulnerability

New release (10.135.236): API v.5 and One Time Passwords

Extension update, Custom Branding document and Patch for 9.125.225

SAML Integration Guides for Google, Azure, Okta and OneLogin

New release (9.125.225): SAML Authentication and Browser Extension Update

New release (7.120.220): Projects Tree Loading Optimization and jQuery upgrade

Docker image for Team Password Manager

Firefox Extension for Team Password Manager

New release (7.118.217): archived passwords, PHP 7.4 support, changes in security screens, optimizations

Chrome Extension Update (1.15.6)

New release (7.109.212): linked passwords

New release (7.103.208): maintenance mode, updated copy to clipboard, larger access field and more

Patches and

New release (7.93.204): external sharing expiration and password, LDAP paged searches, prevent project creation in root and more

New release (7.84.198): PHP 7.1+ compatibility

New release (7.82.196): LDAP Sync, LDAP Groups and request permission to unlock to multiple managers

New release (7.79.190): Request permission to unlock and security bug fixes

New release (7.78.161): CGI and ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY support, log optimization, 9 LDAP servers

Chrome Extension Update (1.4.2)

Mobile App for Android Smartphones

KeePass exporter and three patches for 7.73.146

Version 7: multi language and PHP 7 support

Beta 7: multi language and PHP 7 support

Two patches for 6.68.138

Chrome Extension and KeePass Importer

New release (6.68.138): multiple LDAP servers and more

2015 recap and plans for 2016

New release (6.63.136): improvements in copy to clipboard, search, LDAP import and more

New release (V6): subprojects, new permission system, external sharing and more

V6 Beta 5

API changes in V6

V6 not ready for production yet

V6 Preview

New release (4.50.100): improvements in search and my passwords and additional logs

New product: TPM-Vagrant for VirtualBox

Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015!

New release (4.47.94): PHP 5.6 support, search passwords inside project and more

New release (4.41.83): custom field templates, expiration, locking and more

New release (4.32.68): API V1

New release (3.32.60): responsive, changes in users and new configuration settings

New release (2.25.45): duplicate passwords, encrypt db config, custom sign in CSS, custom fields, PHP 5.5

New features preview: duplicate passwords and encrypt db config

New docs: roles, timeout, version checker and granting access

New release (2.18.35): timeout, tags search, grant access to passwords, version checker, IT role and personal passwords

Minor release (2.12.30) and trial licenses

2013 in review

Optimizing queries (release 2.11.25)

New Release (2.11.24): LDAP/AD authentication

LDAP Authentication in Beta

New release: 2.9.18: files in passwords and projects

General Presentation of Team Password Manager

Bugs correction release: 2.7.12 and new documents

New release: 2.7.11

Two-factor authentication documents

How to manage zillions of passwords in Team Password Manager

New release: Team Password Manager V2

New UI preview

New document: exporting and importing

New release (1.7): sorting, copy and move, editing policy and import/export