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Just because freelancers and consultants may technically work solo, anyone in the field will tell you that you're always collaborating, whether it be with sub-contractors or clients. A typical website project, for example, could be shared by an SEO professional, designer, programmer, social media marketer, and of course the client who keeps bothering you about seeing progress on the backend CMS and PPC campaigns. All of the password data that is associated with a project must be shared with all the people involved.

Even though freelancers and consultants often work with scores of other people throughout any given project – the fact that each project involves new people and new clients and new setups for applications CMS's and more, means that the individual freelancer himself/herself is the person usually tasked with creating and keeping up with all the various passwords used throughout each project, which can become incredibly difficult, especially when an old client calls you up a year and a half later asking how to log into their website again and you've forgotten all about them, and the password, or even what email you used so that a reset can be sent.

How Team Password Manager helps freelancers and consultants

With Team Password Manager, you won't have to worry about any of these problems ever again, and here's why:

  • Unique, Secure passwords stored in one location: Forget creating blanket passwords and putting yourself at a serious security disadvantage. Instead, you will be able to create secure, 100% unique passwords for every project, every team member, and every client without losing them. With Team Password Manager you host our application, which means you have full control over the data. It's not stored in a cloud. You can create and store literally thousands of passwords over time in one central location – making sure they're never lost or forgotten.
  • Searchable tagging/groups: Each password you create and store in Team Password Manager can be tagged and moved into entire groups. Each tag you create is searchable so that you will never misplace a password. If you create a tag for a group of passwords under a specific project name, all you have to do is search that project name and the password group will show itself.
  • Secure Sharing: Perhaps one of the best features that sets Team Password Manager apart from the competition is your ability to share passwords while remaining secure. If you need to share passwords with a client or collaborator, you can give them limited access only to that project's passwords. It's also incredibly easy to turn on or off access for any team or individual.
  • Accessible anywhere: Many freelancers and consultants find themselves moving from place to place. The great thing about Team Password Manager is that it is accessible from any computer, anywhere, through any browser, which means that you'll never have to worry about forgetting a password on the go again.

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