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"When I started working at my MSP, an Excel spreadsheet was used, with all of the problems inherent with that option. The open source competitor we moved to was an improvement from that, but it wasn't long before its convoluted upgrade procedures were as problematic as its absence of a solution for mobile devices.

Team Password Manager solved all of these things. It improved security with 2FA, gave us an interface that was incredibly user friendly in the field, and works wonderfully with our reverse proxy. On the occasion we've needed support, the team has been quick and effective in helping me resolve the matter at hand.

I cannot say enough good things about this product. 10/10, would definitely recommend."

Joey F., Senior Network Support Specialist at an MSP

"Like many, we were managing our department’s ever-growing passwords with multiple spreadsheets that had their own passwords. Not only was this difficult and time consuming to manage, it was obviously a serious security vulnerability. Five years ago, we searched for a better solution. Our required criteria included:

1. Self-hosted rather than cloud so we controlled the data

2. Web-based access

3. Folder/project structure with hierarchical security including groups/roles

4. Active Directory integration

5. Access logging

Team Password Manager was the ONLY solution we found that checked all the boxes along with a whole bunch more. In addition, it was a much better value over monthly subscription cloud solutions assuming you already have servers to host it on. Although, it has a very small footprint and can easily run on a shared server or even an old desktop. We have only had a few support questions in five years that were always answered quickly and competently.

Finally, I want to highlight the SAML SSO authentication capability that was recently added. It was simple to configure and now enables us to also use our institution’s MFA.

TPM is just an all-around fantastic and essential tool!"

Craig DeMallie, IT Director at a university

"Team Password Manager is a simple, yet powerful, encrypted password database solution designed with IT administrators and security in mind. This solution provides a great level of control and accessibility while being cost effective for large and small scale business entities.

I’ve rarely needed support as the implementation and use instructions are very clear and concise. When I have had need of support, the response has always been timely and helpful.

I highly recommend this tool."

Monica Troutman - Sr. Systems Analyst


"As an eCommerce agency, we serve a lot of clients and have to keep a lot of passwords too. We used Keypass before, but it reached its limits due to our rapid growth.

It was important for us to have a lightweight tool without a lot of overhead, which covers all the important functionalities we need.

We found this in Teampasswordmanager, as its architecture allowed us to easily integrate it into our infrastructure. Our team now has a tool that is easy to understand, accessible from all devices and extremely easy to maintain.

With Teampasswordmanager, our data is stored securely in our hands and not in a non-transparent cloud-infrastructure."

Angelo Hübler - Managing Director at maßarbyte GmbH & Co. KG

Justin Scarpetti

"We are a web design and internet marketing agency. Before our company used Team Password Manager we saved and shared our passwords through email, chat, Basecamp, phone, even on paper... all were/are horrible!

I spent weeks looking for a secure and simple-to-use platform. I tried TeamPass, Passpack, Zoho Vault, KeePassX, and a few others but most were way too complicated or not practical for our team of 10 people and growing.

I eventually eliminated all but TPM and couldn't be happier... it's easy to use, great one-time prices, self hosted, logs all actions!, and has great user management. I would recommend TPM to anyone that works with a team and needs to save passwords, it's as simple as that."

Justin Scarpetti - Director of Web Development at Webstract Marketing

"Team Password Manager strikes the right balance between simplicity and power when it comes to managing shared passwords. It gives our several offices a central and secure place to store sensitive passwords in a very easy way. Highly recommend."

Jono Walker from WalkerScott

"We started using Team Password Manager for our technical team - now the entire company uses it!"

Catherine Truscott from TrikeApps

"I’d been looking a long time for web password management software with the simplicity and essential features that Team Password Manager possesses. Now that we have it, I can’t imagine how we got by without it. You won’t find a better value out there."

Kevin Broughton from Sterling Bank Services

"My team tested many shared password management solutions and TPM’s functionality made our decision easy. TPM is easy to understand, simple to configure, and secure enough to confidently store sensitive information. I recommend this tool for any team responsible for managing many passwords that need to be accessible by many users."

Matthew Wallace, Senior Software Engineer

"Team Password Manager has made life much easier for us :)"

Atif Sattar, Director at Portonics Limited

"Team Password Manager gives us the possibility to host our passwords by ourselves and protect them with two factor authentication. This gives us a maximum of security, exactly what we need."

Stephan Mahler, CEO Procloud

"We work with our customers confidence. Team Password Manager gives us the security and comfort we need for our daily business. A really great tool!"

Daniel Pfeifenberger, Director at mehrdafon GmbH

"We are a digital agency with a team of solution seekers, respondents and creators. Our tasks are web strategies, concept, design, development and usability.

Especially with regard to usability we were looking for a easy to use and accessible tool to manage our passwords and that met our high security standards.

Team Password Manager is from our point of view the perfect solution, we can recommend this tool to everybody."

Tobias Hauser, Managing Director at Arrabiata solutions

"We needed a secure, encrypted, platform to protect Client remote access usernames and passwords, amongst other passwords, that would ensure LIV IT was compliant with new more stringent Australian Consumer Privacy Laws.

During my selection process, the competitors to TeamPasswordManager were ticked off for their separate failures; terrible disaster recovery procedure, weak encryption, tie in with browser breaking Privacy Laws, no ability to manage users, lack of performance, no mobile support, no access to live data (syncing vs live hosted), cloud based and stored on a non-Australian server thereby breaking Privacy Laws, and of course price.

TeamPasswordManager exceeded my expectations. It is elegant, has excellent support, meets all Australian Privacy requirements, and is easily recoverable from disaster - and the price is brilliant! Best tool I have bought for my company for a long time. We will be recommending TeamPasswordManager to our Clients immediately!"

Habib Barakat, General Manager at LIV Information Technology

"After years of managing our password lists through top-secret spreadsheets, instant messages, and cubicle-chat, we decided it was time to find a new way to handle things. Team Password Manager allows us to keep our passwords more secure than ever, access them easily, and takes the burden off of one person to manage the list.

Team Password Manager meets all of our needs - 2 factor authentication, in-house servers, complete audit trails, LDAP integration, and password histories are all built in and easy to set up. The response from their support team when I have questions is quick and thorough. My team and I keep finding more reasons to like Team Password Manager every time we use it. We would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a password management solution!"

Aaron Hilton, Network Systems Administrator at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

"After having tried several password management solutions, Team Password Manager was the best pick for its simplicity and ease of management. Its small footprint while still encompassing the options we were requiring (RBAC, two-factor authentication, etc), it was the best answer in controlling what was once a handful of password laden spreadsheets!"

Jay Kingman, Senior Network and Server Engineer

"Amazing product! I wish I found this long ago. We have endless sources of passwords with long lists of passwords for everything you can imagine. Some important, some not. Team Password Manager provides a great “need-to-know” and “know-that-you-know” mechanism for the very difficult task of controlling passwords."

Nick Romano, Senior Vice President of Technology at AEXGroup

"Team Password Manager is a must have for any small business. After years of struggling with password management using a variety of applications and even worse, paper, I’m so happy to have finally found the answer. First just our IT team utilized it, but now just about every department at our company uses and loves it. It’s very easy to use, but also has an incredible amount of features – just about anything you could ask for. If it doesn’t have something you’re looking for, I’m sure it’s in the works for an upcoming release. The support team is great at accommodating requests. Oh and maybe the best part – the pricing is amazing! I can’t recommend Team Password Manager enough."

Chris O'Connor, IT Manager at FreshAddress

"We are an IT company that creates e-Commerce projects. Our team used a hundreds pairs of "login-password." I had a constant headache: how to ensure safety? Which passwords are available to employees? Which passwords must change after the dismissal of an employee? And so on! Like many, we were trying to solve such problems through the "secret" of the tables in Google documents. There were attempts to integrate "Zoho" and 2-3 similar products. But no solution did fully meet our needs ... until we conducted a market research and our attention was drawn to Team Password Manager.

Team Password Manager is the best solution for our problems that enables secure storage of passwords, and total control over access to the passwords of employees.

I sincerely wish the team at Team Password Manager success!"

Valery Meshkov, CEO at Pravoved.ru

"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much my IT team has benefited from TPM. I've seen so much value in my team, that we're starting to spread the application outside the IT department to other departments. Keep it up!"

Will Bradshaw, IT Manager at Jungle Jim's Intl. Market

"Team Password Manager perfectly suits the way we work, securing and encrypting vital information of our projects. It meets all the requirements we expected:

- Known stack: LAMP

- Self-Hosted

- Management roles, groups and projects

- Integration with our corporate LDAP

We have also found a great support and excellent customer service. 100% recommended!"

Pedro Amador, Infrastructure Manager at Gigigo

"At Globelink UK Ltd we are a Value Added Reseller for security products and we quite often are asked by customers to look after their security systems for them from our small team. Originally we used individual password safes because of ease and did not need to centralise our password systems. However now the company is growing larger and individual password safes are impractical during growth and dangerous if lost so I looked for a centralised, managed password storage system.

I came across Team Password Manager amongst many others and after weighing the feature set versus the price for an in-house password management system, TPM came out on top. I initiated a trial and had it installed, fully configured and storing 80% of our company passwords in 1 day and in 3 days had the company trained on it’s use, I was amazed! I install complex hardware and software for a living and it was amazing to come across a system that does one job and it does that job with excellence. I have yet to find fault with the product and the installation guides are the perfect level of hand holding and technical information. I would recommend Team Password Manager to anyone who asks!"

Emile Belcourt, Network and Systems Administrator for Globelink UK Ltd

"After testing quite a few other solutions for password management, Team Password Manager was the only one that made sense and did exactly what we needed it to do, so thank you for that!"

Alexej Krzewitzki, Manager of the Software Development Department for ultrabold Kommunikationsdesign GmbH

"Team Password Manager is a great tool, very well rounded. Good feature set, easy to use, 2FA and LDAP is super nice as well... It looks pretty too!"

Michael McRae, IT Operations Manager

"There are many password managers on the market, but Team Password Manager meets most of our requirements for good password management.
Also the Chrome browser integration is a very great and handy tool to be your own boss for your passwords.
The LDAP and 2FA are therefore very desirable and included in TPM.
Our technical team is using it at the moment but are planning to expand this throughout the company.
TPM has more beautiful and good functions you have to find out for yourself!
I recommend using TPM for personal and business use."

Stephan Stoke, IT professional at Dijkstra Vereenigde

"After looking at so many options for password managers that would suit our needs I found Team Password Manager. The ability to host this ourselves instead of using/relying-on/being-held-to a cloud service made it a great choice. It works perfectly for us. As a web hosting and web development business the number of passwords we require daily got out of control.

The logging and auditing reports in TPM give me complete peace of mind. TPM has a very simple and intuitive interface. On the two occasions I’ve needed to ask a question in years the support I received was great. The requests were understood, answered and followed up. Not through automation (at least it didn’t seem that way)."

Damian, Owner at Marken Hosting

"Team Password Manager is a superb and well rounded product that gets the job done. Great way to stay in control of your passwords by self-hosting. The product has all the features you would expect from a modern secure password management system.

The product is extremely good value for money. I have seen and used many other password management systems and I can safely say Team Password Manager is the best for the use cases I have encountered. The support has been super quick and of excellent quality.

The documentation is well presented, easy to follow and logically organized. Stop looking for a password management solution and get Team Password Manager today – you will never go back to anything else."

Daniel J Spindler – Senior System Administrator LinkedIn profile

"Since we’ve started to use TPM, we got rid of all post-it’s. Team Password Manager gives us the opportunity to use strong passwords since there isn’t any need to remember them anymore. With the easy browser extension, all our users are able to login without even thinking about the correct password.

Team Password Manager made it possible to make the huge -and still growing- number of passwords accessible for only those who need access."

Ivo M., IT manager at a hotel chain.

"Team Password Manager is a great product, we are really happy with it, especially now we have the SAML integration working and have single sign on setup with our Azure AD."

Daniel Tallentire – Tech Director at Parker Software

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