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The Team Password Manager

Password management software
for groups

Secure: AES-256, Bcrypt, 2FA
Self-hosted software
Responsive web app
Browser extension
Docker image
API for automation

Team Password Manager
5 stars testimonial
"highly recommend"
5 stars testimonial
"confidently store sensitive information"
5 stars testimonial
"amazing product!"

Key Benefit: your team will focus on your business, not on password management

Improved Security

Now you can make individual and secure passwords for everything your team and clients use, and share that info with the right people.

Better Organization

Forget having passwords scribbled down on post-its, TXT files, and shared docs. With our software you can group and tag passwords for easy searching.

Better workflow

Getting rid of time-wasting password sharing problems across team members and clients is just one more way to further focus your work flow.

Passwords don't get lost

How many times have you had to create new passwords for clients or share existing ones just to have the client lose them and contact you for help?

Main Features

  • Multiuser

    Designed from the ground up to be a group based password manager. Each user has a login credential to access the system and view/manage the passwords needed for his/her work.

  • Secure

    Password data is stored encrypted with the latest encryption technology (AES-256). Users can use two-factor authentication to sign in.

  • Easy to use

    It's a simple and focused application, so that it's very easy to learn and use for end users and administrators.

  • Efficient password management

    It groups passwords into projects for better organization. Passwords and projects can be tagged, searched for and saved as favorites.

  • Web based, responsive

    Once installed, anyone can access the application with a browser, from anywhere, even with smartphones with small screen resolutions.

  • Self hosted

    Install it on your own server, so that you can control your data. It uses standard PHP/MySQL technology. We provide many deployment options, including Docker.

  • Logs everything

    Every action a user does inside the software is recorded in a log that can be queried by different criteria.

  • Free version

    There's a free version with a maximum of 2 users and 5 projects, with no time limit >> Start using it now

Screenshots (click to zoom)

  • Main list of passwords

    Main list of passwords

  • Editing a password

    Editing a password

  • Viewing a password

    Viewing a password

  • Passwords in a project

    Passwords in a project

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