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Password Management Software for Web Agencies

Whether it's a team of two in a small office, or a team of 20 or more, web development agencies offer a myriad of services from straight-up site creation to SEO, SEM, content creation, PPV/PPC and more. All of these services for multiple clients across a variety of platforms and team members can present huge headaches when it comes to password management.

Keeping up with all of the passwords projects generate is daunting to say the least. Often these passwords are frequently forgotten and need to be changed. Not only that, but sharing them with other team members is an incredible hassle, all of which can waste time and interrupt an otherwise steady, focused work flow.

This myriad of passwords is kept in scattered notebooks or in TXT files, stored in a printed file around the office, in shared online docs, in email messages, which makes the passwords susceptible to being seen by the wrong people or lost indiscriminately.

Team Password Manager to the rescue

Team Password Manager solves all of these problems the following ways:

  • Security/Organization: Team Password Manager allows you to create unique, secure passwords for each tool your team uses and for each client that needs access to those tools. You are then able to organize those passwords by tagging them and putting them in groups that you can easily search for.
  • Assigned Access: You can assign certain team members, clients, and groups to have access to particular passwords/groups of passwords. This ensures the right people are only seeing what they need to see in order to do their job. If need be, any of these user groups can be denied access.
  • Improved Workflow: Without all of the hassles involved with password sharing among teams and clients, your work-flow will become further streamlined and there will be less confusion and more security across the board.

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