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Password Management Software for IT Departments

Being the IT department within a larger company can be a real hassle – not only are you in charge of everybody's mundane computer problems (have you tried turning it off and on again?) you're faced with upper management that doesn't have a firm grasp of the basics of technology. Everyday is a struggle to stay on task and keep focused, and with so many other departments needing your help and peering into the tools you use on a daily basis, the amount of sensitive data and passwords floating around can get incredibly daunting. Not only that, but the multiple team members within the department also contribute to the amount of passwords.

IT departments often have to collaborate with a lot of people for a large variety of projects, all of which carry sensitive data such as server passwords and pincodes. Collaboration often reaches across team members, across departments, and across entire organizations.

Team Password Manager for IT departments

When it comes to this baffling amount of sensitive, password-protected data across so many streams and team members, responsible organization becomes a must for a streamlined work flow. Luckily, Team Password Manager can take care of all of these common problems, fix your work flow, and make password management easier across all teams, departments, and organizations by doing the following:

  • Centralizing and securing your passwords: With Team Password Manager all of your passwords are kept in one central, secure location and you control all data by hosting it on your own instead of in a cloud. You can track literally thousands of passwords in asingular secure location.
  • Searchable Tagging/Grouping: Individual passwords can be tagged with searchable keyphrases. Entire groups of passwords can be put together and tagged, making it easy to find the passwords you're looking for.
  • Team/individual permissions: Although certain team members and clients are going to need access to certain passwords, you definitely don't want to give them access to the whole lot. With Team Password Manager you can provide access to certain password groups while simultaneously restricting access to others. You can switch on and off this permission if you think security may be compromised.
  • Accessible from any computer, anywhere: Whether you're out of your office in a another part of the building or out of the country, you can always access Team Password Manager through any browser and computer, making it easy for you to bring up passwords that you may have forgotten abroad. This saves having to call up HQ and waste time. It also looks much more professional.

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