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Nobody has more password management problems that IT service providers – and those of you who are in the field reading this right now are probably thinking that's an understatement. IT service providers manage thousands of passwords, codes, access credentials, and incredibly sensitive data for hundreds of customers across multiple team members either locally or throughout the world.

Furthermore, technicians are often on the move, which can cause major problems when a password is forgotten at a remote site – you have to call headquarters and waste a lot of time doing so. The overall logistics are daunting and incredibly frustrating to an otherwise streamlined work flow. Because, when it comes to IT support, time is money, and the more smooth, streamlined, and focused everything is, the better for the technician and the company are as a whole.

Team Password Manager is here to help

Well, are you ready for a sigh of relief? Team Password Manager solves ALL of these problems. No matter the size of your company or clientele, Team Password Manager will streamline your entire process in the following ways:

  • All passwords in one secure place – Whether you have hundreds of passwords or thousands of passwords in your inventory, Team Password Manager will organize them all in one central secure database location.
  • All passwords accessible from any computer, anywhere – For technicians out in the field, they will now be able to access any password they need at any time from any browser without having to call HQ. In fact, HQ can quickly create and assign new passwords to individual technicians in the field and they will be immediately accessible.
  • Simple, easy organization – Each password can be tagged or organized into a group with other passwords, which makes them easily searchable.
  • Team and individual permissions – From technicians to clients to HQ team members, people can be assigned access to particular groups of passwords as needed or declined access as needed, allowing everything to be managed in one place by team administrators.

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