What our customers say about Team Password Manager

Browser Extension Update (5.22.22)

We have recently released an update of the Browser Extension, version 5.22.22, with the following changes:

1. The Chrome/Edge extension now uses Manifest v3, as required for Chrome extensions. This is primarily an internal change.

2. The API (manual) connection now uses API v.5.

3. We have set the login fields' icons with transparency. In previous versions, we set the background to white, which caused visibility issues if the fields' background wasn't white.

4. Passwords displayed on the popup screen now fully utilize the multiple URLs in the access field, properly separating them if there are more than one. The title of the password entries always links to the first URL if there are multiple URLs.

Note that we have not been able to implement Manifest v3 in the Firefox extension as it's still not fully supported, so the Firefox extension's version remains at 4.22.22.

Additionally, we have released Patch #772, which fixes a bug that prevented the extension from saving passwords to personal passwords.

Visit the Extension page to learn more about it.

Thanks to everyone who suggested improvements on the extension. Enjoy!