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Chrome Extension

Current Team Password Manager version: 7.84.198

This document describes how you can use Team Password Manager's Chrome Extension to autofill login forms and to save web passwords in your installation of Team Password Manager.


To use the Team Password Manager Chrome extension you need:

  • The Chrome Web Browser, a recent version.
  • A running installation of Team Password Manager, at least version 6.56.118, and a valid user in this installation.

How to install

Click the following link to install the extension on your Chrome Web Browser. This will open the extension page on the Chrome Web Store, and then click the "Add to Chrome" blue button to install:


Connect the extension to your installation

To be able to use the extension to autofill forms and save passwords you first need to connect it to your installation of Team Password Manager. To do this:

1. Click on the extension icon, on the right hand side of the browser screen, next to the burger icon. The extension icon is gray because the extension is not yet connected:

TPM CE icon

2. Fill in the URL where your installation of Team Password Manager is located (the part before index.php), your username and password and if you want your password to be remembered for the next login ("Save password"). Optionally, choose to "Use archived passwords" if you want to fetch archived passwords to autofill forms and check "Offer to save web passwords" if you need this feature. Click "Connect" to connect the extension.

TPM CE connection screen

3. If everything is ok, the extension will be connected to your Team Password Manager and you'll be able to use it:

TPM CE connected screen

You can disconnect whenever you want by clicking on the extension icon (which now it's blue because the extension is connected) and then clicking on the "Disconnect" button inside the "Options" tab. Note that if you quit the browser it will automatically disconnect.

You can also change the two options - "Use archived passwords" and "Offer to save web passwords" - without having to disconnect, just clicking on the corresponding checkbox.

Autofill login forms

To autofill a login form, follow these steps:

1. Go to the page where the form is located. If the extension can find a username/e-mail and a password field, it will place a lock icon inside these fields: a blue lock icon for the username and a blue lock icon with a star for the password. For instance:

TPM CE sample form

Note: unfortunately sometimes the extension is not able to find the username and/or password fields. In these cases the autofill feature cannot be used. We're constantly improving the extension so that in the majority of cases the login fields are found.

2. Click on one of the two fields. A selection window will open and the extension will search for those password entries in your installation of Team Password Manager that match the domain of the page the form is on. In the example, the domain would be "tpmce.com":

TPM CE choose password

Note that the extension will look for shared passwords and also personal passwords ("My Passwords"), presenting them in different tabs.

3. Choose a password from the list by clicking its name. The extension will fetch it from Team Password Manager and fill in the username and passwords fields with the corresponding values from the password entry:

TPM CE form filled in

Save web passwords

Note: to use this feature you must have it enabled in options ("Offer to save web passwords").

To save a web password in Team Password Manager follow these steps:

1. Go to the page where the form is located. As before, if the extension can find a username/e-mail and a password field, it will place a lock icon inside these fields: a blue lock icon for the username and a blue lock icon with a star for the password.

2. Enter the login/email and password information and click the "Submit" (or "Log in", or "Sign in") button:

TPM CE submit

3. A popup screen will appear. In this popup screen you need to enter the descriptive name of the password entry, where you want to save it ("Shared Passwords" or "My Passwords") and select the project you want to save the password in if you selected shared, like so:

TPM CE save password

4. Click "Save password" and, if there's no error, the password will be saved in Team Password Manager:

TPM CE password saved

Beginning with version 1.4.2, the extension has a search box to search for passwords within it. To do it, click on the extension icon, click on the "Search" tab, enter the string to search for, select if you want to search it in the shared passwords section or in your personal passwords and click the "Search" button:

TPM CE search

Note that you can use the advanced search operators in the search string as if you were searching from within the web app.

After clickin search, you'll be presented with the password entries that match the search string. Clicking on the name of the password, the extension will open the corresponding URL and fill in the username and password. If you see that the name is not "clickable" it means that there's no URL (Access field) in the password entry.

Change log

1.4.2 - 20171009

- Save user password (optionally).
- Personal passwords.
- Toggle options without having to disconnect.
- Search for a password in popup, open site and fill in username/password.

1.0.0 Beta - 20160622

First version released to public.

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