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Beta 7: multi language and PHP 7 support

Hi everyone!

As we're closing 2016 we'd like to present you a new beta version of Team Password Manager, specifically version 7.72.144 (Beta v7/3), with the following new features:

  • Multilanguage support. Read this document to see how languages work in Team Password Manager: https://teampasswordmanager.com/docs/languages. Basically multi language support is complete except for the EULA, help pages and other minor strings, which will be ready for the production release.
  • PHP 7 support.
  • Date and time format parameter.
  • Corrected bugs and the two latest patches from the previous version ( and

In addition to this we're also providing a Spanish language pack (here https://teampasswordmanager.com/docs/language-packs). Other languages will follow.

As this is a beta version we'll publish it in the change log when the production version is released (in the upcoming days). Also this doesn't notify the software of a new version and it doesn't show in the regular download page, you'll have to use the download button below.

IMPORTANT: from now on, Team Password Manager requirements for PHP are 5.6+, including 7. We've decided to give up support for lower versions of PHP for two reasons: 1) Security: newer versions are more secure, and 2) Practical: Ioncube has two compilers: one for versions 5.6+ and another for lower versions. So we'd have to provide two "executables" of the software and we prefer to maintain only one.

Please don't use this beta version in production installations.

Thanks to everyone and Happy New Year!