What our customers say about Team Password Manager

What is Team Password Manager?

Team Password Manager is a self hosted (also called on-premises) web app that helps companies manage lots of passwords across lots of projects.

It's specially designed for teams that need to manage several passwords in each project, that have lots of projects and that each project is shared among several people.

Quick takeaways:

  • Password manager for groups and projects
  • Uses projects to group passwords
  • Secure, fine grained password sharing
  • Logs everything
  • Tagging, searching and favorites
  • Self hosted (on-premise) web application
  • Free version for 2 users and 5 projects
  • Affordable one-time price


  • Improved security: unique password for every service, preventing password re-use
  • Better organization: central password vault with searching and tagging
  • Better workflow: focus on your work
  • Passwords don’t get lost