What our customers say about Team Password Manager

Does my company need Team Password Manager?

Your company needs Team Password Manager if ...

  • For every project you work on you need to store and manage several passwords. Example: if you create websites, you need the following passwords for each project: several users for the CMS, an FTP account, several accounts for social sites (Twitter, Facebook, ...), an account for Google Analytics (or any other analytics service), a database user/password (for storing the CMS data), a password for the hosting control panel, and probably many more.
  • Projects are developed by more than one person, and they need to share password data. In the previous example, you'd have a designer, a programmer, a community manager, the customer, etc.
  • The people who work on your projects are spread over several locations. This is quite common nowadays as projects are developed by people inside and outside your organization.
  • You want the passwords your organization manages securely stored in one location.. Team Password Manager is a centralized password vault and uses military grade encryption (AES-256) to secure your password data.
  • You want your team to be productive. And not lose time searching for passwords scattered over several files or asking for them because they're lost or someone changed them without telling anyone.
  • You want to look professional (to your clients and anyone who works with you), by using the right tool for the job.

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