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New product: TPM-Vagrant for VirtualBox


Installation issues are the type of support requests that we get the most. We're aware that installing Team Password Manager is no easy task. After all, our software is a web app that requires many server components and libraries: not only you have to install a (L)AMP stack with some particular PHP libraries, you also need to install Ioncube, set the right permissions to the import and uploads folders, etc. Team Password Manager doesn't use an uncommon server setup, but nevertheless installing it is not as easy as executing "setup.exe".

Prepackaged Apache/MySQL/PHP environments like XAMPP help, specially with Windows, but you still have to install many components manually.

With this in mind, we set out to create an installer for Team Password Manager that met the following criteria:

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X.
  • Should install everything needed to run Team Password Manager, including Team Password Manager.
  • Should do it automatically (in an unattended way) and quickly (in minutes).

Basically, the closest thing to "setup.exe".

After doing some research, we found the solution with Vagrant and VirtualBox, and TPM-Vagrant for VirtualBox was born.

Vagrant allows you to create configuration and provisioning procedures to setup any environment you want, and VirtualBox is a virtualization product that lets you create virtual machines inside any computer. Please head over to their respective websites to learn more about them. Both products are free.

TPM-Vagrant for VirtualBox is an installer that creates a Linux virtual machine with all the required components to run Team Password Manager. It does so in minutes and automatically, and it's also free! Go to the product page to learn more about it and to download it:

TPM-Vagrant for VirtualBox product page

Even if you're already running Team Password Manager you can still use TPM-Vagrant to: quickly test new versions of Team Password Manager, setup an independent installation to develop with the API, create a backup installation, and so on.

Vagrant can also be used with other products besides VirtualBox. We plan to expand TPM-Vagrant so that it can be used with AWS (Amazon cloud platform), Linode, Digital Ocean and others.

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