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New release (7.82.196): LDAP Sync, LDAP Groups and request permission to unlock to multiple managers


Today we're releasing a new version of Team Password Manager, v. 7.82.196, that includes two very demanded features: LDAP Sync and LDAP Groups.

We've prepared an extensive document describing them but, in short, you'll be able to automatically create, update and delete users and groups (and group membership) in Team Password Manager in sync with your LDAP/AD server(s). Check out the document: LDAP Sync.

We're also releasing an enhancement to the password locking feature: request and notifications to multiple managers, and also access to permission based locked passwords from the API. We've updated the password locking document to reflect this. (We developed this a while ago and made it a version (7.80.192), but we're releasing it today.)

Check the v. 7.82.196 change log for other features.

Note: this new version uses a new version of the language files (v6). In the next few days we'll be providing the updated language files for non-English languages.

A note on PHP 7.1+

As you might know, the PHP 5.6 and 7.0 branches end security support this year (2018). See this for more information: https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php. We're working to provide Team Password Manager with PHP 7.1+ compatibility within this year.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed by suggesting new features or reporting bugs.

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