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New release (6.63.136): improvements in copy to clipboard, search, LDAP import and more


Today's new release of Team Password Manager (6.63.136) doesn't have any new feature but it has lots of improvements on existing ones. Read on.

Copy to Clipboard

We've finally developed a Javascript/HTML5 version of the copy to clipboard feature in passwords. Note that this technology currently only works in Chrome (including mobile) and Firefox (latest versions). We expect that the other major browsers soon will support the Clipboard API features needed for this to work.

We've created a new parameter in config.php (COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD) so that you can select the technology used in the copy to clipboard button: Javascript/HTML5 (the default), Flash (with two modes) or disable.

We've also added the copy to clipboard button to the following fields (in the password view, not in lists): access, username, email and notes. And there's also another one that allows you to copy all the password data to the clipboard:

Copy to Clipboard Buttons


We've done two improvements in search:

  • Tags are searched by default: in passwords you previously had to use the "tag:" operator to search in tags, now it's not needed unless you want to search in tags only. This works in passwords and personal passwords (when using the "any:" operator, or just no operator) and also in projects.
  • Words match: in previous versions, when searching strings with more than one word, the search only returned elements that matched the string like it was written. So, for instance, if you searched for "mysql server", Team Password Manager only returned those elements that had "mysql server" in their name (or the field being searched). Now the search returns those elements that have "mysql" and "server", regardless of their position or if they have other words in between. So, for example, these would be found: "This server is MySQL", or "This is a mysql - database - server". This works in passwords and personal passwords, with any of the operators, and also in projects.

LDAP import

Also two improvements in this section:

  • Save configuration: you can now choose to save the LDAP import configuration in the database (encrypted) or not. Useful if you use LDAP import often.
  • Debug mode: this mode allows you to see the information being fetched from the LDAP server without importing any user. It's specially useful if you can't import users or just to finetune the search filter.

You have these settings in the Step 1 screen of the LDAP import process. They're also documented in the LDAP authentication document.

Other improvements

Here you have some of the other things we've developed in this release:

  • New subprojects have security "Inherit from parent" by default (grant all users).
  • You can now set a user as an API only user. This user will only be able to access Team Password Manager via the API.
  • Passwords now have a button to edit the notes only, with a large edit box.
  • You can now disable the personal passwords section (globally, for all the users). We've developed a config.php option to do so: ALLOW_PERSONAL_PASSWORDS.

Go read the Change log for the complete list of changes and bug corrections.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed by suggesting new features or reporting bugs.

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