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How to move Team Password Manager to another server and upgrade it

Current Team Password Manager version: 12.160.277

You may need to move Team Password Manager from an old server to a new one and at the same time upgrade it to the latest version.

Here you have the steps we recommend to do this:

1. Install the latest version on the new server. This way you'll see it works without problems and without affecting the working installation on the old server. Test any special configuration in the new server and how it affects external components (firewall, email, ldap, etc.), this way you'll see that it works too.

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2. Move the following components to the new server:

  • The database. You need to export it from the old server and import it into the new one, replacing the current one. Note: before importing the old database make sure you're going to import it into an empty (no tables) database. Also, since it's an older version of the database, you'll have to perform an upgrade by executing the upgrade procedure (index.php/upgrade). The upgrade procedure will make the necessary changes to the database. After doing this re-configure any options you need in Settings (email, ldap, etc.).
  • The uploads folder, which contains the uploaded files. Move this folder to the new server, replacing the current one.
  • Check your config.php file for any parameters you're using, you'll need to enter them into the config.php file of the new server.

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You can perform this second step as many times as you need to make sure everything works ok. Then make a final move before "closing" Team Password Manager on the old server.

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