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User management in Team Password Manager

Part of what makes Team Password Manager especially useful is users' ability to share passwords across team members, organizations, and clients, yet at the same time manage what users have access to which passwords. This allows security to stay intact while improving overall work flow.

Share passwords securely

With Team Password Manager you won't have to worry about sending passwords through email or trying to spell them out on the phone or texting them to your team members, just to have those passwords lost over and over again. You can simply give users access to passwords as they need them.

Groups of users

Team Password Manager allows you to group users together for easier management, just like you would group passwords together.

User groups in Team Password Manager

Individual users and groups can be assigned to projects and their access is easily controlled – they only have access to password groups that you allow. Access is also easy to turn on or off.

Project security in Team Password Manager

In addition to manage permissions via projects, access to individual passwords can also be granted to those users or groups that do not have access to their projects.

Simple user roles

Users in Team Password Manager are assigned only one role from the following:

  • Admin: can do anything.
  • Project manager: create and manage projects (plus normal user rights).
  • Normal user: create and manage passwords on assigned projects.
  • Only read: only read passwords on assigned projects.
  • IT: like a project manager plus access to users/groups, log and settings.

These roles limit what the user can do and keep security maintenance simple.

User roles in Team Password Manager

The special IT role is used for maintaining the software (creating users, managing settings, and so on) without having access to all the projects and passwords, which Admins do. Users with role IT have access to the projects and passwords they create or are assigned to. They can also manage users and groups, except that they cannot create or manage users with role Admin.

Who has access to a password / project

All the password and projects screens have a tab called "Security" that lists which users have access to that password or project.

Security tab in password in Team Password Manager

Likewise, users have tabs that list the passwords and projects they have access to:

User Password Access Tab

With Team Password Manager, controlling users and access is as easy as managing the passwords themselves.

LDAP / AD authentication, LDAP Sync and LDAP Groups

Team Password Manager supports authenticating users via a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory (AD) server. This allows our software to better and quickly integrate with companies that have an existing user directory since it features a way to import users from LDAP repositories.

Take a look at how LDAP/AD authentication works in Team Password Manager for more information.

LDAP Sync and LDAP Groups automate even more the creation of users, groups and group membership from the corporate LDAP Servers. See the LDAP Sync document for more information. LDAP and non LDAP users in Team Password Manager

SAML Single Sign-On Authentication

Team Password Manager supports authenticating users against a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider, like GSuite or Azure AD. Unlike LDAP, SAML provides real browser single sign-on authentication. This way you can have all your users authenticate only once in GSuite or AzureAD and be able to use other apps, like Team Password Manager, without having to authenticate again.

SAML Sign In Screen

Take a look at how SAML authentication works in Team Password Manager for more information.

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