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Easy licensing, affordable

Full functionality, licenses based on number of users

Team Password Manager grows right along with your business and your team. This means that as your team grows and you add more users, you just have to buy additional user licenses.

Less than USD/EUR 30 per user

Each user license is incredibly affordable - less than USD/EUR 30 per user - and it's just a one time price that includes a full year of support and updates.

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Full FREE version

Team Password Manager also has a fantastic free version that can be used by up to two users for up to five projects. This doesn't come with some kind of limited functionality either (except for API access) – you get to experience the full-range of what Team Password Manager is capable and, when you're ready to add a new user or more projects, you simply buy a license and get cracking.

Trial licenses

Trial licenses allow you to test Team Password Manager with all the users you need and with unlimited projects, like if you had a normal license. Trial licenses expire in 30 days.

Request a 30 days trial license.

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