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Here at Team Password Manager, we're always innovating and pushing the limits of new technology so that we can make it easier and easier for customers of all types to manage their passwords in a variety of ways.

Web based

One of the ways Team Password Manager makes life better is by being web-based. This allows our users to access the application from a browser on any computer, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

This comes in really handy for technicians who are out in the field performing IT duties, for example. No one wants to have to call headquarters for a lost password and jump through hoops just to get it. With access to Team Password manager anywhere you are, that problem will never come up again.


Team Password Manager can be used from smartphones with small screen resolutions (IPhone, Android devices, and so on). Here you can see two screenshots from an IPhone 4:

List of passwords:

Team Password Manager Passwords List View in an Iphone 4

Password view:

Team Password Manager Password View in an Iphone 4

Self hosted

Another way we use technology to the benefit of our customers is by making sure Team Password Manager is self hosted – it can be installed on the server of your choice. This means data is directly controlled by the user (not us). This is especially relevant now in the aftermath of the PRISM controversy. Because this application is not cloud hosted, you can be sure it's not being shared with anybody unless you want them to see it.

PHP/MySQL: widespread technology

Also, the fact that we use PHP/Apache/MySQL technology means that we are affordable and available for every single operating system and hosting company. Installing Team Password Manager is a simple process and has been tested in lots of different servers.

Read more:

API (Application Programming Interface)

Team Password Manager includes a RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) that allows other applications to use the resources of the software. Great for automation!

Take a look at the API Docs.

Vagrant / VirtualBox installer

We've built an installer based on Vagrant that quickly and automatically installs a VirtualBox virtual machine with all the components required to run Team Password Manager.

Read more about it: TPM-Vagrant for VirtualBox

Browser Extensions

Currently, Team Password Manager integrates with the Google Chrome browser using a Chrome Extension.

Learn more: Chrome Extension for Team Password Manager

Mobile Apps

Currently, Team Password Manager has a Mobile App for Android Smartphones.

Learn more: Team Password Manager Mobile App for Android

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