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Docker installation for Team Password Manager: Introduction

Current Team Password Manager version: 12.160.277

What is Docker and Docker Compose

Docker is a system that enables you to create packages that contain everything you need to run an application. These packages, called containers, are similar to virtual machines but are more lightweight and standalone and contain everything needed to run an application: code, libraries, components, settings, etc. Containers allow you to quickly run applications without having to install all their requirements.

Docker encourages the creation of containers where each container does one thing only. So, what happens if you need to run an application that has many executable components? You use several containers. For example, in its simplest form, Team Password Manager requires two executable components: a web server (Apache) and a database (MySQL). Thus, to create a Team Password Manager installation with Docker you create and run two containers: one with Apache (with PHP, SourceGuardian/Ioncube and all the settings) and another one with MySQL. Docker Compose is an application that lets you easily manage multi-container applications like this one.

Team Password Manager Docker image

Docker containers are created from Docker images. You have images for all sorts of applications: operating systems (eg. Ubuntu), databases (eg. MySQL), CMSs (eg. Wordpress), and so on.

Now, you also have a Docker image for Team Password Manager. With this image you'll be able to quickly create a container to run Team Password Manager in much less time that it takes to install all the components required, including Team Password Manager itself.

Installing Team Password Manager with Docker

In the documents below we explain how the Team Password Manager Docker image works, how you can create a Team Password Manager installation using Docker and other related things:

Install Docker and Docker Compose first

To be able to create a Team Password Manager Docker installation, Docker and Docker Compose must be installed on your server.

The Docker website provides detailed instructions to get and install Docker and Docker Compose on your system, here you have the appropriate links:

Docker installation: https://docs.docker.com/get-docker/

Docker Compose installation: https://docs.docker.com/compose/install/

Docker resources

If you're new to Docker we suggest you learn a little about it before attempting to install Team Password Manager using Docker. Here you have some resources you can use:

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