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Four new documents for December 2021

Hi everyone!

The past weeks we've added four documents to our knowledge base:

Password Reset for Local Users: password reset for local users has been available since day one, but it was never documented. There's usually no need to document how to do a password reset as it's quite straightforward, but the recently developed protection against password reset poisoning prompted us to write about it.

One-Time Passwords: one-time passwords is a recent feature in Team Password Manager (v. 10.135.236). This document explains everything about it.

The Log: logging has also been at the core of Team Password Manager since the beginning, so this document was long overdue. There are two sections on it that you may want to check right now: the timezone and sending the log to a file or syslog for SIEM integration.

External Sharing of Passwords: another overdue document. External sharing has been available since mid 2015 with a review in 2019 for a couple of new features. This document finally covers all about it.

We'd also like this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!