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New release (4.32.68): API V1


Today we release a new version with only one new but huge, and very demanded, feature: the API (Application Programming Interface).

The API allows other applications to use Team Password Manager's resources in all sorts of ways. Here you have some of the things you can build using the API:

  • Automate! Have your project management application create new projects in Team Password Manager, add new users from HR apps, have other apps automatically pull the passwords for a project, ...
  • Create custom import and export processes.
  • Create bulk processes with the data in Team Password Manager. Example: create a new custom field for all the passwords in a project.
  • Create mobile apps that use Team Password Manager.
  • Create custom reports or data viewers.

Some features of the API:

  • It's a RESTful API with JSON as the data format.
  • Two ways to authenticate: HTTP basic authentication and HMAC authentication.
  • Can be globally disabled if required.
  • Resources you can use (with almost all the functionality): projects, passwords, favorites, users, groups and the password generator.

You can read all about the API in the API Docs.

This version also has minor changes suggested by our users, who we greatly thank!

Here you have the Changelog.

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