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What are named users in Team Password Manager?

A named user in Team Password Manager is a user with login credentials (username, e-mail address and password). So, if you purchase a "5 users license", you'll be able to create 5 users in Team Password Manager.

We say that they're named users to differentiate them from concurrent users, which is a model that is also commonly used in commercial software. You can have any number of concurrent users in Team Password Manager.

A license is not tied to particular users, only to a number of them.

Two tips on named users:

  1. It's important that you associate a named user to a real person - as opposed to a generic name like "sales" - for traceability. As you may know, Team Password Manager logs every action a user does inside the software. So, if to associate a named user to a real person you'll always know who's done what.
  2. If a named user leaves the company, we advise that you "deactivate" it in Team Password Manager (and possibly change the password), instead of changing his/her credentials for those of another person. This way, you'll be able to keep accurate historical log data. Note that inactive users do not take up a license.

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