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New release (7.79.190): Request permission to unlock and security bug fixes

Hi everyone!

Today we're releasing a new version of Team Password Manager, v. 7.79.190, that enhances the locking feature in passwords.

Up until now, locked passwords could be unlocked by simply entering a reason. In this new version there's a new option in the locking configuration screen called "Requires permission to unlock". With this option checked, when a user wants to unlock the password, a request will made to the password manager who will be able to grant or revoke permission to unlock the password.

Please take a look at the password locking document to learn how it works.

In this new version we've also fixed many security bugs, as well as corrected other non-security issues.

Check the change log for v. 7.79.190

Note: this new version uses a new version of the language files (v4). In the next few days we'll be providing the updated language files for non-English languages They're available now in the Language Packs page.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed by suggesting new features or reporting bugs.

On this occasion we would like to especially thank the Qualys Application Security And Research Team, who did a very good job identifying many vulnerabilities.

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