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New release (6.68.138): multiple LDAP servers and more


Today we're releasing a new version of Team Password Manager (6.68.138) with the following features:

  • Multiple LDAP servers: you can now define up to 3 servers to authenticate users against.
  • LDAP timeout: parameter to set a timeout for LDAP authentication.
  • Proxy settings for the version checker.
  • Inactive users do not take up a license: this will allow you to just disable a user instead of deleting her.
  • Modal screen to select the manager in project and password security: in installations with many users, a dropdown was just impractical.
  • Integrate Patch, which corrects a security bug.

We've also updated the following documents to reflect these changes:

Go read the Change log for the complete list of changes and bug corrections.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed by suggesting new features or reporting bugs.

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