What our customers say about Team Password Manager

What data is stored in a password entry?

A password entry can store the following data items (only project and name are required):

  • The project it belongs to. Example: www.greatwebsite.com
  • The name. Example: XYZ Analytics Account
  • Tags (zero or more). Example: analytics, services
  • Access. Example: https://www.xyzanalytics.com/login
  • Username. Example: thisisme
  • E-mail. Example: this@isme.com
  • Password (encrypted). Example: w6)Id8;#Zf9}
  • Custom data values (encrypted depending on type). Up to 10.
  • Expiry date.
  • Notes
  • Previous values of the above data (history tab).
  • Any number of files, which are stored encrypted (name and contents).
  • Control data: who created it and when it was created, who last updated it and when.
  • Log data: anythying that happens to a password is logged and you can see it in the log tab.

Here you can see a screenshot of a password with some of the information it can contain:

A password