What our customers say about Team Password Manager

New release: Team Password Manager V2

Today we're releasing a major step forward for Team Password Manager: V2.

This new version tries to keep the values V1 had (simple password management for teams) and at the same time add some key features that a lot of users demanded. These are some of the most important features we have added to Team Password Manager:

  • New visual interface based on Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Tags for passwords and projects.
  • Better search and filter (using tags) for passwords and projects.
  • A new user role: read only. Users that have this role will only be able to view passwords (and never to edit them).
  • Groups of users. Then assign a group to a project.
  • A user can now be Inactive (won't be able to sign in).
  • Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator.
  • Logging: every action is recorded and can later be queried by several fields. Upcoming releases will add exporting and deleting to the log.

We hope you like it. As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

By the way, upgrading to V2 is free for everyone. Go download it now

New support and upgrades policy

Effective June 1st, 2013, we have a new Support and upgrades policy that changes the previous one.

The previous policy stated that an upgrade license had to be bought for every major release of Team Password Manager. We have changed this to having annual Support and Upgrades for every license, with the first year included in the license.

Basically, this means that, for each license purchased:

  • The first year, support and upgrades are included.
  • After this period, if you don't buy a Support and upgrade license, you can continue to use the software forever but without upgrading it and without getting technical support from us.
  • After this period, if you want to use our technical support and upgrades, you'll have to purchase a Support and upgrade license (for every license). You'll receive an email from us before the period ends.

Also, users of licenses bought before June 1st, 2013 (so, V1 licenses), won't have to purchase a Support and upgrades license until June 1st, 2014. This means that they can upgrade to V2 for free and that their period for support and upgrades is extended until June 1st, 2014.