What our customers say about Team Password Manager

New release: 2.7.11

Today we're releasing a new version of Team Password Manager: 2.7.11.

This version comes with the following new features:

  • IP detection if behind a reverse proxy (download and see the config.php file)
  • IP address blocking at the "Sign In" screen. Manual and Automatic.
  • Optionally enforce Two-Factor authentication on all users.
  • Email field in password.
  • Strong passwords generator.
  • Hide password (after clicking "Show"), and changed the color of the "Show" link.
  • Copy password to clipboard (you need to have Flash installed to be able to use this feature).
  • Namespaces in sessions, which allow to access different instances of TPM in the same server with the same browser.

Of course there have been bug corrections and some changes. See the changelog for the complete description.

We'd like to thank everyone who suggested some of these new features as well as those who spotted some bugs. As always, feel free to email us with new suggestions and corrections. Thanks!

Go download this new release

What's coming next

In the next 2/3 months we're going to release more versions that will have the following features:

  • File uploads in passwords and projects.
  • Allow/revoke access to a password bypassing its project.
  • Password expiration field with email reminder.
  • Passwords generator customizable by project/user.
  • Temporary access to a password.
  • LDAP authentication.

There'll probably more features but these are the ones that we're working on right now.

Have a nice day!