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Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015!


Like we did last year on these dates, we want to review how this ending year has been for Team Password Manager and also what new features we're going to develop in 2015.

Review of the year 2014

We've done a total of 7 releases in 2014. The most important features outlined month by month are:


We introduced trial licenses so that new users could test the software for 30 days.


  • Timeout and autologout.
  • Tags search.
  • Grant access to passwords directly.
  • New role: IT.
  • Personal passwords.

March - April

  • Duplicate passwords.
  • Encrypt DB configuration in config.php.
  • Custom CSS for the sign in screen.
  • Custom fields in passwords.
  • Password history.
  • PHP 5.5 support.

May - June

The most important feature we released in June was that we made Team Password Manager responsive. Other features worth noting are:

  • Username instead of email for users.
  • Tabs in the user screen that list the passwords and projects that they have access to.


At the end of July we released the first version of the API.

August - October

  • Custom field templates (global and per project).
  • Option to replace the words "project/projects" with other terms on all the screens.
  • Password expiration, with email notifications.
  • Password locking (enter reason to unlock), with email notifications.
  • API v2 to support password expiration and locking.

November - December

  • Search passwords inside project.
  • Parameter in config.php to set the number of 30 second windows of margin for 2FA verification.
  • Handle https connections from load balancers/proxies automatically if using SSL Termination.
  • Allow one user with role Admin/IT to be exempt from 2FA enforcement.
  • PHP 5.6 compatibility.

What we're developing for 2015

Here's a short list of the major features we plan to release in 2015:

  • Project hierarchy (projects within projects).
  • Multilingual, including our website.
  • Improved permission system.
  • Improved search. We will store the access, username and email fields unencrypted in password entries so that they can be searched.
  • Notifications.
  • New functionality in the API (we'll try to make the API follow new features).
  • Improved "My passwords" section.
  • Additional 2FA methods.
  • Additional locking methods (ask for permission, for instance).
  • Browser extensions, starting with Chrome.
  • Read only option (useful when using a fallback installation temporarily).

We also have a long list of minor features to add, here we've only mentioned the major ones.

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Thank you for your support

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you (our customers, users and parters) for your continued support. Team Password Manager wouldn't be the same without your suggestions for new features or for improving existing ones. We receive suggestions almost daily, and we answer all of them. Some of your suggestions are implemented right away, some take longer and some (few, we hope) will never be implemented. These suggestions, along with our vision of the product, are what shape Team Password Manager. Please keep them coming.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!