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2015 recap and plans for 2016


Like we did with 2013 and 2014, we take a moment today to review what we did in 2015 and also to tell you what we have planned for 2016.

Review of the year 2015

In 2015, Team Password Manager underwent some big structural changes. We spent several months developing hierarchy in projects, a new permissions system and an improved UI. As a result, V6 was born.

We also developed many new features in 2015, here you have the most important ones: an improved search system to be able to search the access, username and email fields of passwords and also an advanced search form, external sharing of passwords and HTML5/Javascript only copy to clipboard.

Finally, we also created a Vagrant installer for Virtualbox: TPM-Vagrant.


First thigs first

In 2015 we began doing internal changes to make Team Password Manager multilingual. We plan to finish them and offer first the Spanish, German and French language packs. Other packs will follow. We also began the development of a Chrome extension to automatically fill in forms and save passwords directly from web pages (apps). We are currently working to release this extension as soon as possible. After this extension is released we'll also develop it for Firefox and Edge/IE.

What else?

Here you have some of the most important new features/products we plan to develop in 2016:

  • LDAP: multiple servers and groups integration. Improvements in import.
  • PHP 7 support.
  • Optimizations for a large number of users.
  • Importer for Keepass. This will probably be available as an external product.
  • API: files.
  • Notifications.
  • Multiple selection operations.
  • Additional 2FA methods.
  • Additional locking methods (ask for permission, for instance).
  • Improvements in the UI, specially the sidebar tree.
  • Improvements in search: unification of projects and passwords search.
  • New installers: AWS, for instance.
  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android).

Note that theses are "big" changes, but we also have in our todo list hundreds of other small changes to make Team Password Manager better.


We use each post to thank your all for your support and this one is not an exception. In addition to thanking you, we wish 2016 your best year ever!