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New release (12.154.276): bulk actions on passwords inside projects

Our latest update of Team Password Manager (version 12.154.276) brings you a new functionality designed to greatly reduce the time and effort spent on password management: bulk actions.

You'll now be able to simultaneously execute the following actions on multiple passwords: archive/un-archive, delete, unlink, define custom fields, set the manager, copy and move to another project.

Note that this feature is currently only available within projects. We're working on expanding it to the general passwords list.

We've written a document that explains this in detail (see Bulk actions inside projects), but here you have some screenshots for the impatient:

• Select passwords and bulk action buttons:

Selecting passwords one by one

• Bulk action confirmation screen:

Bulk action confirmation screen

• Bulk action results screen:

Bulk action results


We hope you find this feature useful and as always we'd like to thank you for all the feedback and suggestions received.

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