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Chrome Extension Update (1.4.2)


Yesterday we released an update of the Chrome Extension with the following new features:

  • Save user password (optionally): will remember the password of the user for the next login.
  • Personal passwords.
  • Toggle options without having to disconnect.
  • Search for a password in popup, open site and fill in username/password.

A note on the update: we've had to add the "tabs" permission for the search feature, so when you update the extension you'll see the permission warning "Read your browsing history".

Go to the Chrome Extension page to learn more about it.

Thanks to everyone who suggested improvements on the extension. Enjoy!

Mobile App for Android Smartphones


This pasts months we've been busy developing a free Team Password Manager Mobile App for Android Smartphones (we've been busy with other things TPM related too). This is a first version and it's really simple: it allows you to connect to your Team Password Manager installation and do basic operations with projects and passwords.

Here you have a screenshot of how the list of password looks:

Version 7: multi language and PHP 7 support

Hi everyone!

The production release of v7 is here with version 7.73.146, with multilanguage support and PHP 7 support.

Here you have the most important new features of the new v7 version:

Beta 7: multi language and PHP 7 support

Hi everyone!

As we're closing 2016 we'd like to present you a new beta version of Team Password Manager, specifically version 7.72.144 (Beta v7/3), with the following new features:

  • Multilanguage support. Read this document to see how languages work in Team Password Manager: http://teampasswordmanager.com/docs/languages. Basically multi language support is complete except for the EULA, help pages and other minor strings, which will be ready for the production release.
  • PHP 7 support.
  • Date and time format parameter.
  • Corrected bugs and the two latest patches from the previous version ( and

Two patches for 6.68.138

Hi everyone!

We've recently released two patches for version 6.68.138:

Patch this patch solves a vulnerability found in import (normal and my passwords) in which an attacker could create a remote code execution exploit.

Patch This patch makes error/exception dumps shorter so that no internal information is exposed.

We recommend you apply them if you have version 6.68.138. If you have an older version we encourage you to update it to 6.68.138 and apply them.


Chrome Extension and KeePass Importer


Some days ago we released two new products that work with Team Password Manager: an extension for Google Chrome and an importer for passwords (and projects) stored in the popular KeePass Password Safe password manager. Both products are still in Beta.

Chrome Extension

This is a free extension for Google Chrome that connects web login forms to Team Password Manager, allowing the user to:

  • Automatically fill the username/email and password fields of these login forms, getting the data from Team Password Manager.
  • Save web credentials (URL, username/email, password) to Team Password Manager.

Here you have a screenshot of the screen used to save a password:

New release (6.68.138): multiple LDAP servers and more


Today we're releasing a new version of Team Password Manager (6.68.138) with the following features:

  • Multiple LDAP servers: you can now define up to 3 servers to authenticate users against.
  • LDAP timeout: parameter to set a timeout for LDAP authentication.
  • Proxy settings for the version checker.
  • Inactive users do not take up a license: this will allow you to just disable a user instead of deleting her.
  • Modal screen to select the manager in project and password security: in installations with many users, a dropdown was just impractical.
  • Integrate Patch, which corrects a security bug.

2015 recap and plans for 2016


Like we did with 2013 and 2014, we take a moment today to review what we did in 2015 and also to tell you what we have planned for 2016.

Review of the year 2015

In 2015, Team Password Manager underwent some big structural changes. We spent several months developing hierarchy in projects, a new permissions system and an improved UI. As a result, V6 was born.

We also developed many new features in 2015, here you have the most important ones: an improved search system to be able to search the access, username and email fields of passwords and also an advanced search form, external sharing of passwords and HTML5/Javascript only copy to clipboard.

New release (6.63.136): improvements in copy to clipboard, search, LDAP import and more


Today's new release of Team Password Manager (6.63.136) doesn't have any new feature but it has lots of improvements on existing ones. Read on.

Copy to Clipboard

We've finally developed a Javascript/HTML5 version of the copy to clipboard feature in passwords. Note that this technology currently only works in Chrome (including mobile) and Firefox (latest versions). We expect that the other major browsers soon will support the Clipboard API features needed for this to work.

We've created a new parameter in config.php (COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD) so that you can select the technology used in the copy to clipboard button: Javascript/HTML5 (the default), Flash (with two modes) or disable.